Our Favorite Things: May 2017 Edition

Alexis Snow, Account Executive

“Children are always fun at weddings, but that doesn’t mean they always HAVE fun at weddings. When couples set up a children’s table with a special menu for those more limited palates, along with some fun activities and favors, they’ve done their part to make sure ALL their guests have a great time!”

Amy Daniels, Graphic Designer

“There’s just something fun about a pair of bright, red shoes playing peek-a-boo from under the white layers of a wedding dress skirt!”

Brooke Eagle, Associate Editor

“Family style tables at the reception! Not only are they beautiful, but they serve the dual purpose of being a great way for your guests to engage in conversation.”

Denise Heidel, Editorial Director & Project Manager

“It’s all about the greenery! It’s exciting that ivy, ferns, eucalyptus and other types of greenery are starting to make their way to center stage, rather than being relegated to ‘filler.’ These great options add their own kind of simple charm to wedding décor!”

Heather Spivey, Account Executive

“Entertainment ranks high on the list for a great reception! When a great DJ or band has the guests laughing, dancing and having a great time, you know all your planning has been a success!”

Keela Johnson, Publisher

“Why should flowers only adorn the altar or tables? I love it when a bride opts for a crown of flowers instead of a veil!”

Martie Emory, Writer

“I love it when brides incorporate their ‘something’ blue into their attire and ensemble. It adds a personal, often sentimental touch.”

Megan Taylor, Public Relations Coordinator & Writer

“Table numbers that are coordinated with pictures of the bride and groom at those specific ages are a charming way to show the story of their lives and the journey they took to meet their perfect someone!”

Meghan Corbett, Content Editor & Writer

“Forget about the tchotchke wedding favors; embrace something memorable and unique! Whether it’s an edible item that speaks to the theme of the wedding or even a donation to a charity that is important to the couple! And, don’t think that a mini-bottle of champagne attached to a mini-bottle of orange juice won’t go unappreciated for morning-after mimosas!”

Morgan Bralley, Account Executive

“Floral chandeliers are a fresh way to use florals in a wedding. Whether small accents are used, scattered across the ceiling, or a single, vibrant statement-maker, floral chandeliers are an elegant addition to any wedding décor!”

Sara Wiles, Writer

“Our pets are such a huge part of our lives, and I love that couples are embracing their presence in the wedding! What a great way to incorporate ALL your loved ones!”

Tabatha Renegar, Writer

“Stocking a full bar at the reception is expensive, and may be overwhelming. I love it when couples offer a signature cocktail! It’s a creative expression of who they are. A signature cocktail (or two), along with some nice wines and local craft beer, give guests more than enough options!”

Tamara Bodford, Account Executive

“Who said a centerpiece has to be floral? I love it when brides think outside the flower box and consider pretty lanterns or elegant candelabras for their reception tables!”





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