Dressing the Bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are your closest friends and relatives, so it is absolutely essential to think of each and every one of them before choosing the dress they will wear on your big day. You want them to be comfortable with every element, from the style to the price. Those with smaller wedding parties have a much easier time choosing a design that will suit everyone, while those with large parties may need to consider different heights, body types, budget constraints, etc.

Many modern brides are allowing their bridesmaids to have a little say in the matter by giving them a designer and a color and allowing them to choose the exact details of the dress. For example, I was recently in a wedding where one of my dearest friends had nine bridesmaids. We ranged in height from 5’0” to nearly 6’0”, one girl was about eight months pregnant and some were more modest than others. To satisfy us all, she chose a collection of six dresses from a single designer and asked us all to choose our favorite of the six from the same boutique in Winston-Salem. The process was so easy, and because we all purchased from the same boutique, we were able to take advantage of a bridal party discount. She picked up dresses for those who lived out of town, so they would be able to get them altered in plenty of time.

We were all able to choose a dress that we would wear again, have it custom fit and were all so happy with the result! It can be very hard to satisfy a large group like ours, but she did it perfectly! She also gave us beautiful earrings and nail polish for the big day, so we would all match, and no one would worry about what accessories to wear.

When cost is a major issue, many brides decide on a more simple approach. I’ve seen brides who decided to allow their bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses with stipulations like black, strapless, knee-length and satin. This allows your bridesmaids to spend whatever they can because it gives them a simple set of guidelines to follow. If you choose a color such as red or blue, you need to give your bridesmaids a color swatch as those colors can vary greatly in hue.

You most likely know this group of women better than anyone, and they should all be there to help you through the process. If any of them repeatedly cause you more stress than offer support, it is not unheard of to disinvite them to be a part of your wedding. It is your big day after all, and ultimately, you need to be happy with every decision that is made!