“I DO”…Want a Beautiful Smile in My Wedding Photos!


When your wedding day has come and gone, you’ll still be gazing at photos from every moment of the big day for many years to come. Focus on that sparkling engagement ring, dreamy gown and perfect venue, but don’t overlook the chance to make your already-lovely smile even more dazzling!

Every eye will be on you, the bride, and your smile should be the best it can be. You already know the best wedding vendors must be secured in advance, so right this minute, add a visit to your dentist to that “advance” to-do list. Salem Smiles Orthodontics in Winston-Salem suggests the following tips to stay on track, with some expert advice from Sarah Shoaf, DDS., MEd., MS.

  • Whitening teeth is an excellent way to brighten a dull smile, and many good products are available from both your regular dentist and over the counter. If your teeth are not straight, however, or have had damage, more intensive treatment may be needed first.
  • Your regular dentist can recommend treatments for broken or chipped teeth, many of which can be completed in one sitting. To be sure the desired effect is completed on time, it’s ideal to schedule a consultation at least a year in advance.
  • Aligning teeth into a lovely smile is easy to do, but it requires time. Having a consultation with an orthodontist 18 to 24 months in advance will assure you of completing treatment prior to your wedding day. Before starting to straighten your teeth, always have a thorough cleaning and check-up with your regular dentist to be sure you don’t have cavities that need to be restored prior to seeing the orthodontist.
  • Most treatments for adults can be accomplished using Invisalign, which makes the whole process exceptionally easy. The treatment consists of a series of clear aligners that are able to make small movements to achieve your goals. The aligners come out when you eat, so there are no food restrictions as with metal braces. Office visits are every two months with aligners instead of every four weeks with braces, so you don’t have to take a lot of time out of your job for appointments. There is less discomfort using aligners, as they perform small incremental movements. You may not even tell anyone you are undergoing treatment, as the aligners are so clear that most people around you will not see them at all, and at Salem Smiles, we love to call this the “kinder, gentler” way to move teeth.

Salem Smiles offers free consultations, and at that initial visit, you will complete background paperwork and be seen by Dr. Shoaf to determine your best options. Treatments can often be started the day of your consultation, in order to advance more quickly towards your amazing smile. You’ll find the wonderful staff of Salem Smiles Orthodontics eager to help you look your very best on your wedding day with a lovely, timeless smile as the finishing touch to your bridal attire!

Reach Salem Smiles Orthodontics at 336.725.5757 to schedule your consultation, and visit salemsmilesortho.com for more information. The practice is located at 1063 W. Northwest Boulevard in Winston-Salem. Dr. Shoaf is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and has been in practice in the Winston-Salem area since 1992. She trained in the original East Coast training program for Invisalign and has the longest experience in the area with clear aligners.

While financial plans are available, check with your dental insurance coverage to see if you have orthodontic benefits.