Don’t Forget Your Out-of-Town Guests

When planning your wedding, don’t forget your out-of-town guests. For some it will be their first time visiting the area. Here are some suggestions of items to provide them to make their trip easy and special:

  • Reserve blocks of rooms – most hotels will hold several rooms for a specified period of time at a special rate. Call months in advance to arrange this and let guests know.
  • Provide directions to hotels where you have reserved rooms.
  • Provide car rental information.
  • Provide directions or options for getting from the airport.
  • Leave welcome bags for each guest at the hotels. These could include the wedding itinerary, brochures of local attractions, restaurant menus and locations, maps, snacks (including something that might be special to the area), personalized bottled water, mints, trail mix, fruit, candy, and a personal note thanking guests for coming.