Your Dog at Your Wedding: A Pawesome Idea or Too Ruff?



Oh, how we loooooove our four-legged friends! They are a source of companionship, love, pride and let’s face it, in some cases, obsession! According to USA Today, dog owners are spending an average of almost $1,300 annually on their dogs. And, that number is only expected to increase. Of course, food and veterinary care is an expense, but let’s not forget toys and beds and harnesses and thunder shirts and puppy pads and little doggie snow boots and Halloween costumes and formalwear!

Wait, formalwear?!

Oh right…for when our dogs are ring bearers or groomsmen or flower girls or maids of honor! Making your pup a part of your wedding celebration puts a true stamp of personalization on the day. And, while many venues and places of worship are bending the rules to accommodate this request, do you really want to take on this added element of delight with unpredictable outcomes?

Let’s look at the pros and cons. Or, in this case, the paws up and paws down comparison.

Paws Up – Cuteness overload!

Paws Down – What if Sir Barkley lifts his leg on Uncle Paul halfway down the aisle?

Paws Up – Instagram-worthy photos of Miss Bitsy with her flower crown beside you at the altar!

Paw Down – What if Duke spots a squirrel on the tree behind the Pastor?

Paws Up – You just know that FiFi will snuggle up beside your grandma in the first row for the “ultimutt” in precious memories!

Paws Down – Where does Prince go after the ceremony when you and your guests sit down to a fancy plated dinner?

Paws Up – Did I mention cuteness overload?!

All decisions about your wedding day deserve serious deliberation and discussion. Having your dog – or dogs! – involved is no different and there are certainly many factors to consider.

However, in full disclosure, a dog lover wrote this article and a dog lover edits this magazine, so we are unapologetically paws up for having ALL our family members at our celebrations; and those doggies are 100% family…fur sure!