Dewey’s Bakery: A Southern Staple to Add to Your Wedding Day

Since 1930, Dewey’s Bakery has been a staple in Winston-Salem. They are known for their delicious cake squares, yummy ice cream and tasty Moravian cookies and sugar cake. If you love all the products Dewey’s offers and their sweet flavors, you can also have them be a part of your wedding day. That’s right, the well-known bakery is skilled in making wedding cakes and creating the perfect dessert selection for your big day.

According to Danielle DiLizio, manager of Design & Production at Dewey’s Bakery, there are about seven flavors for couples to choose from for their wedding cake, with the core flavors of classic white, devil’s food, the signature pink lemonade, red velvet and marble. Recently, in summer 2017, Dewey’s added two new flavors, strawberry and orange, which are also available. In addition, carrot and pumpkin are seasonal, only offered at certain times of the year. Each cake will be personalized for the bride and groom to fit their style and theme colors.

“There are endless possibilities of what we can do,” said DiLizio. “First, we like to do a sit-down consultation with the couple. There is a $30 consultation fee to schedule the appointment. However, if they decide to do their wedding cake through Dewey’s, this fee will go towards their cake. At the meeting, the couple will taste all the flavors we have to offer. Some brides will bring in pictures from magazines that match their style or will bring in swatches of their theme colors or pictures of their flowers. When people come in with ideas, it helps give us a sense of direction of where to go with their wedding cake.”

When it comes to scheduling your consultation, the bakery already has brides with weddings in 2018 and 2019 discussing their cakes. On average, it is suggested to make your appointment about three to four months ahead of your wedding. In extreme cases, Dewey’s can make a wedding cake with a two-week notice. One thing to keep in mind for setting your consultation date is how busy Dewey’s Bakery is during the holiday season.

“We pause cake consultations with couples during November and December due to the increased foot traffic in the bakery,” said DiLizio. “We find it easier to give the couple the deserved attention and space in the new year.”

As stated above, pictures of designs are welcomed in the meetings. The design team is open to anything, and DiLizio states that with Dewey’s talented team, it is very rare for them to come across a design they can’t accomplish. If the bride is unsure of what she wants for her wedding cake, the design team will work with her to create her dream vision. Everyone at Dewey’s is up to date on the latest wedding cake styles that are popular among many.

“There is a gold design trend going on right now and will carry into next year,” said DiLizio. “Brides are loving the metallic gold, hand-painted designs and the classic white on white. Textured designs have also become important; there is little demand for the smooth tiers. We have seen designs that switched between textures and florals. It’s becoming very modern.”

For 2018, wedding cakes will be full of color. Darker colors, such as navy, plum and jewel tones are already coming in through orders at the bakery. For spring cakes, the popular colors are pastels. A three-to-four-tiered cake is most common, and some couples will do a small two-tier cake and a dessert table to complement.

“This is a very budget-friendly option and easy to do,” said DiLizio. “Customers have ordered cupcakes, cookies and cake squares. We just introduced a line of cookies from our vintage recipes. They are southern-inspired flavors and have been a hit. I can see this as something brides will request to use as their wedding favors for guests.”

After creating the wedding cake, Dewey’s offers delivery options, depending on the location of the venue. This service provides a peace of mind to everyone involved in the wedding and is second-nature for the bakery to complete. When you’re searching for a bakery to design your wedding cake, look no further than right in your backyard. Dewey’s Bakery always goes above and beyond to help brides’ visions become realities.

Dewey’s Bakery is located in Thruway Shopping Center at 262 South Stratford Road and in Reynolda Manor at 2876 Reynolda Road, both in Winston-Salem. Call 336.725.8321 for the Thruway location or 336.724.0559 for the Reynolda location. Visit online at, and be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.