Designing an Extraordinary Wedding Experience



Designing a beautiful wedding involves more than just putting pretty things together. I whole-heartedly believe that the value in the experience you create for your wedding day, resides not only in how things look, but the feelings the ambience evokes. This should be intentionally created by paying close attention to details and infusing your story strategically throughout your wedding. Everything you and your guests see, touch, smell, taste and hear are important aspects of the overall wedding experience. Being intentional about all of these aspects will help you create a truly unforgettable day! Here are four tips to keep in mind:

Forget Pinterest For a Moment

Look within to find your style. A meaningful wedding design is personal to you as a couple and needs to be carefully developed. The ready-to-execute pictures you see on Pinterest – those are someone else’s dream, someone else’s style and personality. The best way to find your own style is to look at what you like to wear, how you like to decorate, how you like to dine…do you prefer a formal sit-down dinner in a ballroom, or are you for an elegant outdoor reception? Do you love bright colors or pastel colors? Or both? Ask yourself a lot of questions, and answer them yourself. If you look too much at what others are doing, you may lose sight of what’s most important to you, therefore, missing the chance to create something personal and meaningful.

Consider Your Guests’ Experience

While your wedding day is your day to shine, your guest experience is just as important. Your wedding reception is the first big party you’re going to host as a couple, along with your families. Keeping in mind how your guests will feel as you make decisions is very important to having a wedding that people will enjoy attending and talk about for years to come. Keep in mind the comfort of your guests as you think about location, accessibility, seating, transportation and accommodation for out-of-town guests. There is no point in having a beautiful wedding if people can’t wait to leave!

Trust Your Vendors and Communicate Clearly with Them

Once you’ve found your vendor team, trust them! If you don’t feel great about any particular vendor, don’t rush to hire them just to cross it off your list. Be patient, and interview more vendors until you find a professional you trust and like and who gets your vision. Having a professional team you trust is a big part of making sure that your wedding day is executed just like you dreamed. One vendor who does not perform well could create an array of problems on your wedding day, so be meticulous as you build your vendor team.

Keep an Open Mind

While I recommend infusing your day with personal and meaningful details, sometimes you may run into a few things that just won’t work. If your favorite flower is a peony, for example, but you’re getting married in mid-September, that’s unlikely to happen. While peonies can still be sourced from different regions outside of our local season, there will be certain times of the year that there is a lapse in availability and certain seasonal varieties just can’t be found anywhere. There isn’t anything that can be done to remedy that, besides finding a substitute you like. Garden roses, for example, are a great substitute for peonies and are available year-round. So, focus on the end result, and if necessary, make adjustments along the way. There is always another opportunity to infuse a meaningful detail elsewhere.

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