Delana Newsome – Newsome Homes – Finding Your Heart’s Desire

Buying your first home is special. Buying a home as a newly married couple makes the experience even more special; you’re buying the first home that you’ll share with the person you love – your own personal love nest! If neither of you has any prior experience in home buying, it can also be stressful. Not to fear! Delana Newsome and her team at Newsome Homes is ready to help you make that first home buying experience as special as you’ve dreamed.

The Agency – Newsome Homes includes Delana and a team of buying agency specialists, a closing agent and the office manager, Shannon Hendricks. Shannon will likely be your first point of contact; she manages all the listings and scheduling of appointments. The buying agent specialists are licensed North Carolina realtors with the Triad as their primary focus. This dedicated team of professionals will be with you each step of the buying process – from deciding what you need to the home search, securing financing and all of the closing steps. Basically, they will guide you through the buying process to the point when you and your spouse are handed the keys to your first home – a special moment, indeed.

There are some recommended steps to consider as you and your spouse plan this important step of home ownership. Delana and her team have developed a step-by-step procedure to help alleviate the stress and tensions that sometimes arise.

Consultation: Call the agency for a consultation with one of the buying agent specialists. An important first step is to discuss and reach an agreement on your home needs (style, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, target area, etc.). A home assessment lays the groundwork and identifies areas that may need compromise to ensure needs are met. Consolidating preferences can be challenging. The buying agent specialist interview is designed to figure out what each of you like, whether you are on the same page, identifies where compromise is needed and the must-haves for each. The agency periodically offers a first-time homebuyer workshop that is recommended for all first-time buyers. Buying your first home should be a memorable experience; this step helps ensure that it is.

Get Pre-qualified: The buying agent specialist will guide you through the pre-qualification process. It’s essential to know up-front the amount you qualify for in terms of home purchase. You don’t want to get your heart set on a home that is out of your price range. Or, you’re heartbroken because you are not on the same page about your monthly payment!

Find the Perfect Realtor for You: It’s important to find a realtor who understands you and your spouse, one whom you trust and who has your interests in the forefront. The right realtor will be able to find a home that meets your individual needs.

The Agency – Newsome Homes is designed to be a family of agents who works seamlessly with clients. Delana’s vision of creating an agency of specialists who work together as a team for the benefit of their clients is a collaborative environment, and they have a proven track record. It’s the reason that folks return to them when it’s time to sell and look for another home.

The buying agent specialist will help with key questions that need to be addressed. A few to consider are:

  1. What will the monthly payment be?
  2. Why is a home inspection so important? What is included in an inspection?
  3. What are the unique characteristics to be considered in a new home versus an older home?

Secure a Loan Officer: There are many loan options available as well as down payment assistance programs offered to first-time buyers. A loan officer can guide you through the options to select the one that best suits your financial situation. There are options with little to no down payment requirements.

Trust your Buying Agent Specialist: Your buying agent specialist will represent you and guide you through the buying process. The closing agent, who has been in the information loop throughout the search and selection process, ensures that the final steps run smoothly. It’s a journey that the agency takes with each buyer.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the team at The Agency – Newsome Homes at 336.577.6580, or visit their websites ( or Their office is located in Clemmons at 3743 Clemmons Road. Follow The Agency on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube). Enjoy your first home!