Dearly Beloved, We’re Gathered Here Today…on a Wednesday? – Re-thinking the Weekend Wedding

Brett & Jessica Photography 


You’re ready to marry the love of your life, but your wallet is not. Deep down, you’re looking for an excuse not to invite your fifth cousin, who cries at every family reunion, to your special day. You’ve been dreaming of a beach wedding in June, but you fear the hordes of beach goers tossing Frisbees while you’re trying to take photos with your bridesmaids. Although a weekday wedding can be considered nontraditional and might sound off-putting at first, there are many reasons to consider tying the knot on a Tuesday rather than a Saturday.

Budget-conscious couples should think twice before booking a weekend wedding when snagging a venue mid-week is less likely to break the bank. Similar to hotel prices, rates for wedding venues are typically much lower during the week, and wedding planners will likely have better luck in the availability department as well. If your dream location is booked every weekend for the rest of the year, the florals and lighting will still be just as beautiful on a Thursday night. Especially after so many disappointed brides have had to rebook their wedding and reception spots due to the COVID-19 pandemic, finding an available date at your venue of choice will be even more of a challenge in the upcoming months. If you’re a bride-to-be ditching the chapel and heading to the beach, you’re likely to find fewer swimmers and sunbathers at two o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon than on a sunny Saturday. No one wants to receive their wedding photos back from the photographer a month later, only to find that someone’s hairy grandpa in a speedo somehow found his way into the background.

Of course, there are downsides to weekday wedding dates, but plenty of ways to work around them. For those interested in a large wedding with hundreds of guests, a Monday wedding might not be the right move. Many invitees will not be able to miss work or other obligations to celebrate with you, which will leave your guest book looking fairly thin. Those interested in smaller, intimate settings with only close family and friends will have no issue planning a mid-week wedding, as close friends and family will likely do whatever it takes to attend. Many couples may desire minimal children attendees, but are hesitant to request such in order to avoid offending their loved ones. Planning a wedding during the week might be those couples’ perfect solution, as many parents will be reluctant to bring their children to a late reception on a school night.

While you’ve been dreaming of this day for months, guests fighting traffic and rushing to your wedding after work are less likely to be as enthusiastic. Having fewer guests RSVP “yes” will save plenty of money on catering and spirits, but tired employees and parents can’t always afford to stay up late dancing and drinking champagne on a Tuesday night. If a lively reception is a must-have for you, a little cake and tequila on a Thursday night never hurt anyone. After all, “Thirsty Thursday” is popular for a reason. Your uptight cousin who works in accounting is more likely to be enticed into joining the Cupid Shuffle when he’s only one more work day away from rest and relaxation.

Although more traditional guests may baulk at the idea of you booking outside of the box, the decision is ultimately yours. Don’t overspend solely to impress your overly opinionated future in-laws. Even though it is difficult to let passive-aggressive or disapproving comments from loved ones roll off your shoulders, your cranky Aunt Cathy won’t be the one saying, “I do.” It’s important to keep in mind that your wedding day is a day for you and your fiancé to cherish for years on end. At the end of the day, plan what feels right to you – and, of course, your bank account.