How to Create a Wedding Hashtag


One of the first things brides and grooms think of when they get engaged, “What’s our wedding hashtag going to be?” Wedding hashtags can be tons of fun and useful for the bride and groom because post-wedding, you can check out all the amazing memories and photos from your special day! Here are several steps to make sure you’re on your way to the perfect wedding hashtag.

  1. Start with your names. You may be thinking, “Well, yeah” but in all honesty sometimes names and obvious pairings get lost in all the brainstorming of hashtags. Put your last names and first names together and see how all of that is looking initially. Do you have nicknames that most people know? Write those down too!
  2. Capitalize the first letter of each word. For example, #ClappForTheSmiths and #SkakleSoiree. If you capitalize each letter, it may be more obvious of your joke or pun, if you choose to go the funny route.
  3. Avoid words that are easily misspelled. Make things easy for your guests! It may even mean shortening longer names and moving words around. For example, switching #MelissaAndDaniel to #DanielAndMelissa.
  4. Check the hashtag! You may think your hashtag is original and no one else could ever think of it, but trust me, you need to check it. If your hashtag is already being used, consider adding the year of the wedding behind it. For example, #ClappForTheSmiths2017
  5. Don’t be afraid to get silly. It’s fun to throw some puns into the mix and get creative. Your guests are more likely to remember to use your wedding hashtag if it’s different and funny.
  6. Alliteration and rhymes are in the game. Think about starting your hashtags with the same letter or rhyming words. You are not going to be able to do everything and all of the above, but have fun with it and, if you have an unforgettable rhyming hashtag, use it!
  7. Spread the word. If you really want your guests to use your hashtag as much as possible, include it on your invitations and wedding programs and make sure you have signage at your reception with the designated wedding hashtag. Most the photos are posted using the hashtag at the reception, so your guests are going to want a little reminder.

If you take anything away from this wedding hashtag checklist, take this away – it’s your wedding and you need to do what you want. You may get tons of suggestions and opinions from family and friends, but go with what you both want and what represents your wedding day the best!