Coley Hall at The Liberty


In the heart of downtown Elkin, a picturesque mountain town, sunlight spills through the windows of a century-old tobacco warehouse to reveal exposed brick, rustic overhead beams and a professional staff that embodies southern hospitality. This small-town gem is Coley Hall at The Liberty, a wedding venue owned and operated by lifelong Elkin resident Cicely McCulloch.

Cicely purchased the venue in 2011 with a vision of revitalizing her small town. At the time, the building was a dilapidated reminder of Elkin’s distant, but vibrant, history. After her renovations, the venue was a shining example of small-town work ethic, boasting a brewery, restaurant, catering company and wedding venue.

When you walk into the building, the amount of time and care put into the renovation is obvious. To the left and right are the dining rooms of Angry Troll Brewing, a bustling restaurant and brewery that has quickly become a town favorite. Downstairs leads you to Angry Troll’s game room and taproom, and behind the scenes is a catering kitchen, where Chef Jeff Taylor and Banquet Manager Suzanne Puckett of The Liberty Catering Company, prepare their delicious creations.

Nonetheless, the shining star of the building is Coley Hall. Its space and beauty have led it to be the host of a myriad of community events including concerts, comedy shows, benefits and more.

However, the most memorable events are the weddings. It’s hard to forget seeing Coley Hall’s beautiful outdoor courtyard filled with flowers, wedding guests illuminating the venue’s grand staircase with sparklers or the beams in the banquet hall outlining two families becoming one.

Although these special moments are framed by the beauty of the building, it is the staff that really makes each event memorable. The staff, comprised of Elkin residents, exudes the level of care and hospitality you would expect from someone in a small town. Whether from a neighboring town, or from a city that’s hours away, Cicely and her staff make guests feel like they’ve always been a part of Elkin’s close-knit community.

One way they accomplish this is by eliminating stressful parts of the wedding planning process. With an in-house catering company, on-site event and floral designer, a room full of decorations and an extensive list of local photographers, DJs, bakeries and other vendors, guests can rest assured that every detail of the wedding will be taken care of.

Then comes the fun part: making the space their own. Coley Hall’s bare bones exude rustic and industrial beauty, and the visions of guests and staff accentuate this. This leads to a unique look and feel that makes every wedding memorable. An extra way Coley Hall helps its guests make memories is through Angry Troll Brewing’s custom brew sessions. Brewer Meredith Gotz allows guests to brew their own custom beer that will be served during the reception; something that cannot be done at many other venues.

On top of all of this, Elkin and the surrounding area offers a look and feel that cannot be matched. Guests of Coley Hall can enjoy the small-town atmosphere while seeing live music at the Reeves Theater, enjoying a wood-fired pizza at Angry Troll Brewing and Restaurant, enjoying local wine from the 30+ wineries in the area, exploring the surrounding mountains and trails or taking a relaxing float down the Yadkin River in between wedding preparation.

All of this culminates into an experience that cannot be reproduced. Coley Hall’s history, look and staff, and Elkin’s small-town atmosphere create a storybook feel. Guests from all over can escape their surroundings and come to a new place that creates the perfect backdrop for memories that will last a lifetime.

For more information about hosting your next event at Coley Hall, visit the website at and fill out the contact information, or call 336.835.0103. You can also find this venue on Instagram as @libertycoleyhall and on Facebook as @libertyelkin. For information about catering, visit or @thelibertycatering on Facebook and Instagram. For information about custom wedding beers, please email