Choosing the Wedding Bands

When you consider the fact that your wedding band is the one piece of jewelry you will wear for the rest of your life, it is no wonder the task to pick out the perfect one can be daunting. As is the case for most, you want to try to match the wedding band to your engagement ring after the engagement ring is already on your finger. If you have an ornate ring, this can be tricky but certainly very doable no matter what kind of budget you have.

There are many elements to think about before and during your search…and here are just a few tips that may help those decisions along:

  1. Make sure the wedding ring sits well with your engagement band. If your engagement ring has a large center stone that does not sit up high, it may cause the wedding band to be pushed away creating a large gap between the two. There are many wedding band styles that work with these types of rings to create more of a flush look if that is important to you.
  1. Don’t force your future spouse to get anything other than what he or she wants. If your rings are platinum, his doesn’t have to be and vice versa. If he prefers yellow gold, and you like white gold, let him have what he wants. The rings do not have to match in any way, shape or form.
  1. Realize that this decision shouldn’t be taken lightly. Don’t fall into the trap of the newest fashion craze because in five to 10 years, you will hate it. Think timeless, elegant and sophisticated. Try to avoid anything most would consider gaudy or overdone.
  1. Shop around. Unless there is some special reason why you want to use a certain jeweler, there is no harm in shopping around. Consider taking photos of rings you like and trying them on several times before making a final decision.
  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. This purchase could and should take some time. Try not to leave this “to-do” on the list for too long. It can be easy to push this task (and expense) back weeks, even months, but try not to. You may find yourself having to say “I do” with a ring you really do not love.
  1. Think about your daily life. Do you work with messy substances, harmful chemicals or heavy objects regularly? Consider your daily routine when choosing your rings. Some metals may react with certain substances or cause your intricate ring to constantly look like it needs a good cleaning. If you or your future spouse lifts heavy objects frequently, make sure you go with a metal that won’t bend easily.
  1. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for. Check and double check the authenticity of the diamonds and metals you choose to make sure they are as advertised!
  1. Don’t settle. This is your wedding ring. If you hate it, you will always hate it. If the one you want is too expensive, consider an option that is similar in style but maybe has slightly smaller diamonds or is white gold instead of platinum. If those options don’t work, consider buying a simple band now and your dream band for an important anniversary or milestone in the future, like the birth of your first child (think the ever-popular push present). You can always use the original as more of a ring guard in the future.