Cell Phones and Weddings

Do you think you can truly “be in the moment” while you are taking pictures? There is no right or wrong answer…but it is something to think about. Many would argue that you couldn’t fully enjoy the moment from behind your camera lens. For this reason, “unplugged weddings” are quickly becoming a popular trend.

“Welcome to our UNPLUGGED wedding! We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony. Please turn off all cell phones and cameras. Thank you!”

I posed the question on Facebook to have or not to have cell phones at weddings. Several agreed that cell phones should not be allowed at the ceremony but are great for taking fun pictures at the reception (if the bride says its OK, of course).

“I have heard too many cell phones go off during the ceremony! Leave them in the car!” – Sally D.

“[The ceremony] is an intimate moment and the whole reason for the celebration! You don’t want cell phones to take away from your professional photos.” – Taylor L.

“I had a no cell phone or camera rule at my ceremony. It was 20 minutes out of the entire wedding to be a part of the moment.” – Sarah Z.

“Especially when it comes to the bride walking down the aisle, put your cell phone away.” – Laura S.

“From the brides perspective, it’s frustrating when guests post tons of wedding pictures on Facebook immediately after the wedding. I want to be the one to share my professional wedding photos with all of my family and friends.” – Mary H.

Several others didn’t see an issue with having phones at weddings and shared their personal experiences:

“My sister and her husband have a selfie of the whole bridal party that they love! I also took one of her getting ready that is one of her favorites. There are only one to two photographers, and it can be hard for them to get those ‘little’ moments that end up meaning a lot.“ – Alexandra G.

“I never thought twice about cell phones at my wedding! To be honest, two of my favorite photos from my wedding came from my friend’s cell phone, so I have no problem with it!” – Kate B.

“I love when the bride and groom create a hash tag for their wedding. It creates even more images for the bride and groom to enjoy and makes guests feel part of the event.” – Alexis S.

“I asked all my guests to download an app called Wedpics and post their pictures on there instead of social media. Since it took almost three months to get my professional pictures back, I was really glad I had the pictures my guests captured. I don’t feel like my photographer had any issues with not being able to get certain shots due to guests being in the way. Your guests know the photographer takes priority; especially since everyone is there to make the bride and groom’s day perfect!” – Meredith T.

My advice? Discuss your preferences with your groom-to-be, and make a decision well in advance. If you would rather not have cell phones at your ceremony, politely tell your guests via your wedding website as well as on a sign that guests can see on their way into the ceremony.

The decision is yours as this day is all about you and your future husband!