Catered Affairs/Five Points: A Diverse Menu and Years of Experience Married Together

A delicious meal, hands-on service and years of experience is everything a bride and groom would want in a caterer for their special day. In 1964, Mac and Ruth Brown started the original company, and 25 years later, Jack and Pam Welker bought the business and the current Catered Affairs in Winston-Salem was born. In 2015, Catered Affairs became a part of the Gallins Restaurant Group, which is also home of the popular restaurant, Five Points. Through the years, the Welkers have stayed true to their mission of providing the best catering for their clients.

“Catered Affairs always serves food as fresh as possible and finishes the meal onsite, whether it is at one of their locations or another venue. Unlike other caterers, they do not prepare the food well in advance of the event and store it in heating cabinets. It is all fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and fish. Also, their menus can work with any food allergies, gluten free or vegan palates. They know all of the ingredients going into each dish and make everything in-house. Their menu descriptions are simple and easy to comprehend, and their food has delighted guests at more than 3,000 weddings through the years. To make sure things run smoothly, Pam is at every wedding. “We enjoy making each couples’ wedding day special,” said Jack Welker.

Catered Affairs/Five Points serves locations off premise but also hosts events and receptions at their Five Points location on Stratford Road and at their newest location in Salem Glen Golf and Country Club in Clemmons.

“We provide our clients with a suggested venues list, but we also have space in both restaurants to host receptions and rehearsal dinners, as well,” said Jack. At Five Points, the private sunroom will work for groups of about 20-35 people. At Salem Glen, the Bear’s Club will hold up to 60 guests, and the main dining room can handle receptions of 150 or more. “It is easier and more cost effective for the couple to serve smaller groups in our venues compared to preparing the meal and transporting it off premise,” said Jack.

As for the food, brides and grooms can create their menu from a wide variety of choices. First, clients will speak with Pam and schedule a time for a consultation. This appointment usually comes after the couple has found the venue, which as Jack stated, is the most important thing after the ring. During the consultation with Pam, the wedding reception menu is planned or ideas for a menu are created. The Welkers suggest the consultation be held at least six months in advance and for the couple to come with an idea of how many guests they will be inviting.

“We have had couples make changes up to two weeks before the wedding, but it is helpful for us to know whether the wedding is going to have a sit-down dinner, buffet or cocktail hour,” said Jack. “Every bride and groom that we work with is different. Some are very involved and others are not.”

The company does have a program for clients to make payments along the way, if needed. All payments are due before the event. With the packages, plates and silverware are provided, as well as, linens, food cost per guest and a service charge. All charges are published at their website at According to the Welkers, there are no hidden fees and a fair price for a nice meal is given up front.

For Catered Affairs/Five Points clients, confirming your wedding date as early as possible with the company is best.

“Dates in fall and spring are very popular, and we generally do more than one event per day now,” said Jack. “Sometimes, people will schedule a year and a half in advance or three to four months in advance. If the date is available, we can make it work. We are very flexible, and people will get what they want. Sometimes, if you know you want a wedding in a specific month but do not have an exact day in mind, flexibility around the date gives the couple a better chance to find the perfect venue and vendors.”

When it comes to weddings and events, the Welkers have it down pat. Jack and Pam have been married for 36 years and have been working together for 38 years. Pam has experience working as a food and beverage manager for restaurants and hotels. Jack has been an executive chef for multiple hotels. They were the founders of the original Deacon Tower food and beverage operations.

“Weddings are very happy events, and we enjoy helping each couple have the wedding of their dreams,” said Pam.

Catered Affairs/Five Points is located at 109 South Stratford Road in Winston-Salem. Call 336.759.0003, or visit sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter.