Beauty for Brides-to-Be: A Guide to Looking and Feeling Gorgeous on Your Wedding Day

Tips from Forsyth Plastic Surgery’s Five Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons and Two Licensed Aestheticians



Love prevails, even during a pandemic. And, according to many news reports, 2021 could be the biggest year for weddings in a decade.

And, for brides who want glowing skin, a fit body and a radiant look on their wedding day, one great place to create a master plan for beauty is Forsyth Plastic Surgery and its in-house aesthetic center, The VISTA.

Mary Ann Broughton, a Winston-Salem local, newly engaged to her freshman year college crush Robert says, “For me, I definitely want to look and feel my best, but not go overboard with hair or makeup. I want to look very natural – something like a more glowy version of my normal self.”

Gina Racca, head aesthetician at The VISTA, says many of the brides who come to The VISTA would agree with Mary Ann. She says, “Many of our brides simply want their skin to look healthy and have a natural glow for their big day. They want to look refreshed, and we can give them that glow just with a few treatments – especially if they come in a couple of months ahead of time.”

Kinsley Nix, another aesthetician at The VISTA says, a bride-to-be might come to The VISTA for “several things like a facial, laser hair removal, dermaplaning treatment or permanent make-up to enhance a brow or fill in that lash line to enhance your eyes.” CoolSculpting and CoolTone are also really popular with brides. Kinsley says, “A bride might have a little extra volume in her tummy area that she wants to reduce with CoolSculpting, so she fits into her dress beautifully.” Kinsley notes brides will want to start their CoolSculpting treatments about 3-6 months ahead of the wedding to see the full results by wedding day.

For spring and summer brides, perspiration can be a big issue and for many women – a cause for worry. Kinsley’s solution: “miraDry would be a great fit for a bride who sweats a lot. And, excessive sweating is much more common than people realize. miraDry will take care of excess sweating, so brides can relax.”

And, what about brides who are determined to fit into their dream wedding dress? Dr. Leslie Branch says, “A lot of issues come up when brides try on that perfect wedding dress and they just don’t feel like they look right in it. We welcome brides to come in and talk with one of the board-certified plastic surgeons in our office and tell us what their goals are. Depending on how much time they have before the wedding, they could consider CoolSculpting or CoolTone, liposuction, breast augmentation or a breast reduction.”

Dr. Gilson Kingman agrees. He says, “For a bride who is interested in breast reduction or breast augmentation, you can have very dramatic results fairly immediately. You’d really want to be all healed by wedding time, so you should plan on about a six-week recovery before wedding day especially if you have a destination honeymoon. But, six weeks would be the minimum.”

For brides that only have a month or so before their wedding, there are still a wide variety of treatments and services available at FPS and The VISTA. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Fagg, says brides who have just a short amount of time before their wedding can still choose to have a facial with “one of the amazing aestheticians at The VISTA” or come in for a Botox treatment, choose filler materials or even opt for a simple lip plump as late as three weeks before the wedding. “Many of our patients love a lip plump treatment, and it does give a really fresh, natural look.”

Dr. Gilson Kingman adds a note about injectables at Forsyth Plastic Surgery. “All of the injections at Forsyth Plastic Surgery are done by physicians. We are well-trained and well-versed in all of these products – and natural is what we’re really after. Occasionally, we’ll have patients who want to look a little bit more Hollywood, and we can certainly accommodate that. But, most of our folks here in the Triad are looking for a more natural, refreshed look, and that’s perfect for a wedding day.”

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andy Schneider thinks timing and pre-planning is very important for brides. “One thing when it comes to brides is we don’t want to do anything that might potentially cause a delay in the wedding – that’s for sure. We don’t want to do anything too invasive too soon before the wedding. We love for brides to come in early, and we’ll get you looking and feeling gorgeous well in advance of your big day.”

Scars from old injuries can be another concern for brides. It’s normal for brides to hyperfocus on skin imperfections when they’re planning for their big day. As Mary Ann says, “I recently broke my collarbone, and that has been frustrating. I’m worried about scarring around my neck area and how I will look in my dress. Robert, my fiancé, always tells me not to worry, but I can’t help but feel anxious.” Dr. Gilson Kingman says, “Many brides may have scars from injuries, and we can help address those concerns as well.”

FPS and The VISTA offer beauty options not only for brides, but for grooms, as well. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Lawson says, “Let’s not forget about our grooms here. We have lots of things that a groom could take advantage of, as well. CoolTone, for example, would strengthen their core and muscles before the wedding. We offer laser hair removal, Botox and medical-grade skincare products designed specifically for men.”

And, like a good fairy tale, brides are looking for a happy ending. As Mary Ann says, “No matter what, I know my wedding day will be wonderful. I’ll be surrounded by people who love me, and I feel lucky to have such an incredible support system.”

For appointments and consultations, please call the Patient Care Coordinators at Forsyth Plastic Surgery and The VISTA by calling 336.765.8620.


Some popular skin and body treatments for brides include:

  • DiamondGlow facial – one to two weeks before the wedding.
  • Laser treatments for facial redness – one to three months before the wedding.
  • Better skincare – about a month before the wedding.
  • Good peel – one to three months before the wedding.
  • Dermaplaning – (to remove dead skin cells and vellus hair to brighten skin and make makeup application smoother – two weeks before the wedding.
  • Laser hair removal for underarms, bikini, face, legs – one to three months before the wedding.
  • Skin resurfacing – three months before the wedding.
  • Great sunscreen leading up to the wedding day and on wedding day – anytime before and during the wedding.
  • miraDry (to dramatically reduce sweat and odor under the arms) – one or more months before the wedding.


Surgical procedures and injectables:

  • Botox/preventative Botox – several weeks before the wedding
  • Lip plump with Juvéderm – several weeks before the wedding
  • Breast augmentation – three months or more before the wedding
  • Breast reduction – three months or more before the wedding
  • Rhinoplasty – three months or more before the wedding
  • Ear pinning – three months or more before the wedding