Bachelorette Trip on a Budget


One of the most memorable events leading up to your wedding is your bachelorette party. It is so much fun to take time to celebrate this big milestone with your best friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. It has become more and more popular, over the last several years, to forgo the party and take a weekend trip instead. This can be a super fun option, but it doesn’t have to break the bank.

You Don’t Have to Go Far

When you are planning your bachelorette trip, think outside the box but not outside the state. There are so many places really close to Forsyth County where you can have a getaway without having to pay a lot for travel expenses. Think about a place that would be within driving range. We live in a great location that is just a few hours from the beach or the mountains. There are several great big cities close by, too. You can easily drive to Boone, Asheville, Charlotte, Raleigh or Wilmington. Don’t blow your budget on flying to a faraway destination when you can all hop into a few cars and split up the cost of gas. This will go a long way to helping keep the costs down.

Book Accommodations That Are Practical

When it comes to booking accommodations, you have lots of options. Look at hotels as well as rentals. Take into consideration how many people will be going and what it will cost to make it the most cost-effective. Look online for specials and deals, and also consider traveling in the off-season when the cost of accommodations will be lower.

Think about what your budget is and how you can get the most for your money. You don’t want to make it uncomfortable, so make sure wherever you stay, you have plenty of room for everyone.

Bring Your Own Food and Drinks

Planning to bring snacks, some meals, drinks and alcohol will really help keep the budget on track. One of the bonuses of staying in a rental is that many of them will have a kitchen. This will allow you the flexibility to have meals there and enjoy drinks before you go out. Saving money on meals and drinks means you can use that money on fun activities.

Plan Some Low-Cost Activities in Advance

Do some research. Explore the options of what kinds of activities are available in the area and decide what you all are interested in doing. Look for coupons and group discounts to see where you can save money. Often times, booking in advance will save you some money, too.

You can also plan some low-cost activities to enjoy while you are relaxing at the hotel or rental. Look for ideas for fun bachelorette party games you can play. Plan an afternoon or evening of spa activities like painting nails and face masks. Bring some movies to watch that go with the weekend’s theme. None of this will cost much but will be so much fun.

Plan One Night to Splurge

Don’t forget that this is a party! You need to plan for at least one night to go out and really celebrate. If you have to cut corners in other places to make it happen, then do it. This is a really special occasion and a chance to get dressed up and go out with your best girlfriends. Plan a fancy dinner or go out dancing. Whatever you do, do it up!

No matter what it is you end up doing on your bachelorette trip, you are going to have a blast! Your favorite ladies want to take this time to celebrate you and make it super special. Sticking to a budget that will make it fun and affordable for everyone you want to celebrate with will only make it better.