Ask the Experts!

I am planning a wedding on a very small budget but it feels like everything costs 10 times what I budgeted. There’s no way I can stay on track. I want the wedding to be beautiful without going into debt. Help!

First, congratulations on not wanting to take on debt to cover your wedding! Below are numerous ways to decrease your costs:

  • Decrease the number of guests (always the first item in cutting costs)
  • Decide on your top three must-have elements and then go with less expensive vendors for the other items, and/or decide if there is anything that you can do without
  • Choose to have the wedding at your parents’ home, a park or a museum, all of which are less than traditional venues
  • DIY items – invitations/table numbers/favors/place cards – you can take classes at local craft stores to ensure that they turn out really nice
  • Hire students from the music department at a local college to play at your ceremony
  • Get married on any day other than Saturday – think about the possibility of a brunch wedding on a Sunday and you could save on the venue, the DJ and alcohol costs

Good luck!

I have five bridesmaids, but my groom only has three people he wants to include. Will it look awkward if our bridal party isn’t even?

Traditionally, it’s best to have an equal number of attendants on both sides to balance out the processional/recessional. Current trends, however, have shifted towards personalizing the ceremony, so an uneven number will be fine. It’s better to include the people that you really care for at your wedding instead of just filling in with extras. As far as the processional, have all the groomsmen walk in together and then for the recessional, the two groomsmen can be escorted by the additional bridesmaids, two bridesmaids to each groomsmen. Just a thought, but how unique!

Ask the Experts is answered by Kimberly Williams of Weddings by the Vine.