Alternative Style Wedding Dresses: For the Creative Bride


To the creative, inventive bride-to-be who is constantly ambushed by traditional wedding dress designs plastered in ads, popular bridal boutiques and maybe even a relative’s wedding; to the artsy bride who wants to break tradition and create an awe-inspiring wedding that will leave an imprint in people’s minds, there are many ways to go about scoring an alternative-style wedding dress.


Determine if you want to buy your dress or if you want to design it yourself. If purchasing a dress is preferable, you can shop either locally or online. If you’re in a physical store, tell your stylist that you want a more unique, non-traditional look, and he or she will help you from there! If you prefer to design your dress, there are many online resources to try, but may be ideal for you. You don’t even have to be a fashion designer! The website offers different templates for you to build your dream dress from scratch. You can be as creative and quirky as you like!

Look into wearing different colors. Oftentimes the non-traditional bride does not want to limit herself with a mere white or ivory dress. She may want her wedding dress to be peppered with color. There are wedding dress designs that are black and white, rose gold, light blue, all black, lavender, purple, gray and even red. Some dresses come in a blend of two colors whether it’s an ombre style or color block. You may want to think about what you want the color of your wedding dress to symbolize. Be creative with your colors with color block or ombre colors. Color blocking gives your dress a hard juxtaposition of two or more colors but in a fashionable, attractive way. Ombre colors, unlike color block, also involves multiple colors, but the colors softly fade into one another as the human eye travels up and down your dress. Rose gold is a popular ombre combination, but you can find a vaster variety online.

What is your signature style? Your wedding should reflect the essence of your pure self. So, your dress must do the job just as well if not even better. An easy way to search for that ideal alternative look is to look at your most unusual, quirky personality trait or an uncommon interest or passion you have. Get as wild as you want! Do you want to credit your favorite painter? See if you can create a wedding gown that pays homage to Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night! Want to embrace your culture or heritage? Your dress can express that also! Are you a nature lover? Opt for a wedding dress embellished with flowers (perhaps even real ones – be careful not to attract bees!). Whether you love the Renaissance era, rock and roll, the bohemian look, the businesslike Olivia Pope Scandal look or if you’re more fashion-forward, there’s always a dress that will capture your personal style.


In the modern fashion world, you will find unique elements that will offset any traditional dress and give others something extra to look at.

Fringe. Whether you want to do a modern, chic fringe or a simple 60s hippie fringe, it will add a unique touch to your final look.

Bridal jumpsuits. So, you want to wear the pants in the relationship? Bridal jumpsuits are another high-fashion alternative.

Floral print. There are so many dresses with floral print, and they come in a variety of colors. You can either choose all white or a multicolored gown. You can choose to sport a floral design on your bodice, on your skirt or along the bottom of the dress.


Bridesmaids and reception gowns are getting more creative. For bridesmaids, bridal shops carry jumpsuits, floral gowns, Greek goddess gowns and even sequined gowns. For reception dresses, you can do an off-the-shoulder dress, a high-low skirt or a ballerina-esque dress with a flouncy skirt.

Creating your final alternative look should be an enjoyable experience. So, be bold and break the mold.