6 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Planner

BY BRIANNA CALHOUN, Perfect Pair Events

Are you considering a wedding planner? Is the search for the right company a bit daunting? There are so many planners you can choose from, all with a range of style, personality and (the biggie)…price! How could you possibly know which wedding planner will provide the experience, expertise and level of service you are seeking? As the wedding planning experts, we know what makes for a great planning experience and what does not. When meeting with potential wedding planners, we suggest asking these six candid questions before booking!

How much experience do you have?

No two weddings are the same. No two people are the same, and just like fingerprints, weddings have an identity of their own. The logistics that go into planning such a special occasion are customized to your wants and needs. That being said, the more unique weddings a planner has done, the more likely they will be prepared for the unique. Wedding planning can be trendy, and a lot of small businesses are born into this industry. It can be very tempting to hire a new planner with a low rate. Remember, with experience comes knowledge, and with knowledge comes a seamless planning experience and perfect wedding day!

How connected are you in the area?

One of the biggest benefits to utilizing a wedding planner is being able to use the relationships they have fostered to build a dream team of wedding vendors. If you are interviewing a wedding planner who is not well connected to the area, he or she likely will not have the connections needed to introduce you to the perfect set of vendors for you. A well-connected wedding planner will have built relationships by working alongside many professionals. He or she will know who is a good fit for your style and budget and who is not. Another perk of a well-connected wedding planner is discounts! Through these relationships, brides can often get discounts for being referred by the planner they have chosen to work with! Tip: Ask industry professionals about the planning team you are considering partnering with.

How familiar are you with our selected venue?

Again, experience makes all the difference! Each venue comes with it’s own set of complexities, challenges and perks. When working with a planner who is familiar with your venue, you are getting an insider’s look into what will work in the space and what will not. While your venue coordinator can certainly help with this, nothing can replace having someone run the show who has previous insider knowledge.

Where can we read your reviews?

You consult reviews when hiring plumbers, looking for tutors or going to new restaurants. The same principle should apply to wedding planners! You want the best experience possible, and what better way to ensure that than to learn about the past experiences of other brides? Visit their pages on The Knot, Wedding Wire and Facebook, and read what their previous clients have to say about their experience and service! Pay attention to their website and marketing materials. A team with a beautifully crafted style to showcase their company will be sure to do the same when showcasing your union.

What happens in the event of an emergency?

One question that often goes unasked is what happens if the planner gets sick or has an emergency? A lot of wedding planners are a one-person operation and handle all of the planning logistics on their own. Be sure your wedding planner is prepared for everything, even his or her own personal emergencies! While we like to think this would never happen, it is your wedding planner’s job to have thought ahead and planned accordingly. Be sure they have a backup plan before hiring – just in case!

How many staff members will be at the wedding?

With all of the logistics, schedules and details involved in a wedding, an important question is how many people will be on staff with your wedding planner. Oftentimes, couples focus on the number of photographers to capture all of the details, but what about a planner to coordinate all of the details? While some small weddings only require one planner, others require three or more. Staffing is important and often overlooked when hiring a wedding planner. With each wedding being so unique, it can require unique staffing needs, and that is something a strong wedding planner will be prepared to offer!