5 Things To Do After the Engagement

He’s popped the question, and you said “yes.” Congratulations, you are engaged! But, now what? Pretty quickly, reality sets in and it becomes easy to feel overwhelmed by the fact that you now have to plan a wedding. That’s where the Forsyth Woman Engaged! team comes into play. We are here to equip you with the resources and lists that can add some ease to this exciting time, starting with what to do when reality sinks in.

Tell Your Family

First and foremost, tell your family. Call your mom, call his mom and make your way through your contact lists. It is important for them to share in this exciting moment with you! From grandparents to siblings, announce the exciting news straight from the source. Keeping the initial phone calls to immediate family is appropriate but, if possible, avoid any social media announcements before telling your family. Once they all have heard the news, feel free to spread the exciting news like wildfire!

Set the Date, Sort Of

Set a date? Immediately? This might sound a bit far-fetched, but having an initial understanding of when you and your future husband would like to get married can keep some of the “when’s the big day?” questions at bay. Keep in mind family dates, holidays and, if your guests must travel, it’s considerate if you choose a cost-efficient time to travel. If committing to a specific date sounds too overwhelming, commit to a month or even a time of year, and work out the specifics at a later date since it is not uncommon for venues to be booked a year in advance.

Make a Tentative List 

Although it’s not the most romantic task, a tentative list of guests will be greatly beneficial when determining budget, venue and other wedding logistics such as cake size and required rental items. Without an idea of head count, it may be more difficult down the road to make definitive decisions. Sit down with your fiancé and even a family member or two and determine who are “must haves” and who could be a “flex” attendee. Commonly, immediate family and close friends will be mandatory invitees, but co-workers and distant cousins may have to be skipped if space is becoming limited.

Talk and Set a Realistic Budget 

This is where most couples start to stress. Why? Well, because talking money can be uncomfortable and weddings are expensive. It may be easier to just rip this one off like a Band-Aid®. First, determine if you will be paying for the wedding on your own or receiving help from family. If family members offer to help, ask them graciously how much they can contribute to your budget and start from there. Since your budget will ultimately control many parts of your wedding, big and small, it is imperative to prioritize the things that matter most. Spending extra money on food or having your favorite band may mean that you will need to cut elsewhere. Take notes on what you want your day to look and feel like, and it will be a lot easier to find your vendors and compare prices once your budget is set.

Brainstorm the Big Day While Doing Your Homework

Do you want to get married on a beach or somewhere local? Will it be small or large? All of these decisions will come up throughout the planning process. By discussing your priorities beforehand, you both will have input and will hopefully have a few fewer surprises along the way. Compare fantasies and create Pinterest boards to help you make decisions on location, color schemes and day of attire. You may even choose now to hire a wedding planner to help with these key decisions as well as provide you with the important tools to ensure all boxes are checked.

Most importantly; however, remember to have fun, relax and enjoy being engaged. The next few months may become stressful and full of emotions but not losing track of why you’re doing this is key to a fun and exciting wedding planning time!