The 2022 Wedding Boom – Love Always Finds A Way

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Some trending scenarios have definitely emerged in the wedding industry this past year, such as eloping or having a micro-wedding at home – just the two of you and very close family – and maybe planning for a larger celebration down the road. Yes, in 2020, we learned what was most important – love! The location, we discovered, was really trivial.

That leads us to the year 2022! About half of engaged couples in 2020 postponed their events – some are safely navigating a date later in 2021, but a large number of them are playing it safe and jumping full force into 2022. Weddings drive income for caterers, decorators, planners, florists, musicians, makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, videographers, limousine companies, even dance instructor, and the strict regulations of 2020 left many event businesses scrambling to regroup to accommodate seating and distancing, if they were fortunate to have event bookings at all. So, what does the 2020 boom mean for vendors – and for YOU?

  • Wedding vendors – especially those who book well in advance, such as planners and photographers – are seeing their schedules fill up again; so for you, that says “book now!”
  • Many vendors had couples postpone from 2020 to late 2021 or early 2022, so those with previously signed contracts will be first in line.
  • Couples are eager to claim a 2022 date before it’s gone, but many choose to marry on Fridays and Sundays, as well, if Saturday isn’t available. You can still easily build a full, festive wedding weekend around a less traditional day of the week!
  • Hotels and other venues are fielding questions from couples based on larger guest lists going forward, so if yours is growing, remember ballrooms and more spacious venues may book fast.
  • Engaged couples with their sights set on a destination wedding experience may be waiting until their family members are fully vaccinated and more willing to travel, and many who downsized to a “mini-mony” at home during the last year are now geared up to plan a fabulous “after-party” in 2022. For you, that means, no, it’s not too early to explore your top venue choices and make a decision!
  • Couples are definitely rethinking their budgets, and with an overall smaller guest list than they might have had pre-pandemic, they are spending more on what means the most to them – sometimes gourmet food, sometimes an incredible dance band!
  • Many brides are embracing the extra time to get creative with the “extras” that can truly personalize their day, such as handmade guest favors or planning day trips and more local activities for guests.
  • Be flexible, even as we prepare for 2020. Many couples are still opting to celebrate outdoors – just in case – and still choosing plated dinner service over a buffet. Ask your caterer upfront about the services they feel comfortable providing.
  • A trend we actually love: Since in-person guest lists may still be on the smaller side, couples are widening their plans to still include a virtual component for relatives and friends who can’t attend – a trend we may see become permanent! (Hint: Consider having champagne and cake delivered to their homes beforehand – so they can celebrate right along with you!)
  • Always remember to be aware of what your contract says about deposits and refunds – but even moreso during this time of ever-changing plans!

On the positive side of the past year’s uncertainty, many who did marry 2020-style (just the two of them and an officiant, or maybe both sets of parents) ultimately enjoyed the more intimate experience and said they were able to focus on just the two of them!